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About Us

Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore rightly quoted to express the spirit of India(n),
Dibe aar nibe milabe milibe... (integrate and be integrated through mutual exchange).
No doubt the original version sound so much nicer but the message does not get lost in translation. Linköping Utsav (LU) was set up in 2018 by a small group of enthusiastic Indian families in the spirit of cultural integration that poet Tagore dreamt of. LU sprouted out of the idea of celebrating Durga Puja, which happens to be one of the biggest festivals in India, especially for Bengalis. However, the organisation intends to share the flavors of other Indian festivals by the time it grows stronger. A wise old saying from India, that fit right in with Tagore's poem is,
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world is our family)
Extending this Indian value, we welcome wholeheartedly all global citizens from multicultural backgrounds to join our endeavour.

Our Team members

Dr Biplab Paul
Assistant Professor(Biträdande Universitetslektor), Linköping University
Dr Chandan Basu
Senior Application Expert, National Supercomputer Centre, Linköping University
Atanu Nag
Senior developer, Ericsson AB, Linköping
Kshirod Kinkar Nayak
Senior ICT Engineer, Ericsson AB, Linköping
Chhanda Dutta
Medical Biologist
Sukanya Chatterjee
Software Engineer, ARRIS Sweden AB